Episode 6:Advent if Dragon God.

God Hi! Nice to me you.
Baron  Are you Dragon God?
God Yes.
Baron Dragon God has a big fang and spits a fire from your mouth.And make out a strange ray from your eyes and destroy the town, do not you?
Elfy That is an urban legend. www...
Baron Really?
God I can emit rays from my eys,but noting goes around here. ( ✧Д✧) 
Baron Oh, my God!!
God Yes, I am God!! By the way,I heard the story from Elfy.
Baron What ?
God It is about the sacrifice !. I will stop using the sacrifice at the festival.
Baron Really? I am OK?
God The times have changed. Rene Saens has arrive!!
Baron Rene Saens ? 
God There is a squirrel in such a place.
Baron .......
Rizumo Hi, God! My name is Rizumo. Baron is a my best freind.