Episode 5:My name is “Rizumo”.

Rizumo Wow! baron!! I was heard from the elves, Dragon God seems to come here.....
Baron Really? Dragon God will do have the power to burn off the village in the blink.
Rizumo Baron,Are friend with Dragon God? 
Baron oh dear,
Rizumo What's wrong?
Baron I because God will come.... (Or eaten at last...)
Rizumo Trying to prepare for the welcome.
Baron Rizumo,sir! I'd better you came back early...
Rizumo Why? I also want to see a suspicious light from God's eye.
Baron I am busy,now!
Rizumo It had been asleep until a little while ago.
Elfy Dragon God will be here!
God Become here.
Rizumo Elves came.
Baron Oh,my God!!
God Yes,I am God!