Episode 2:In an eaves

Elfy It's completed with this. It was saved wonderfully. Thanks!
Baron It was shopping of the wonderful amount, wasn't it?
Elfy I'll be soon tired.
Baron Before returning at the Dragon God, do you have tea and don't you go a little?
Elfy It's good, isn't it? Will you make them do that? By the way,Where is this?
Baron My house!
Elfy Is it your house here? A strange thing wouldn't be considered, would it?
Baron Impolite!! Nothing is done!
Elfy I dictate to Dragon God.
Baron Becouse I had good honey, I thought I treated.
Elfy Honey...  It's good,isn't it? Will you even put it in tea?
Baron Then I prepare. Please rest.
Elfy I think.... God was talking about something...
Baron What happened?