Episode 1:Encounter with elf.

Elfy It's very well to the preparation of the Dragon King God Festival. I wonder if you try to be a little break.
Baron Wow! It would happened to.... In such a place, there are elf.
Elfy What, that frog. Look glancing at me from a little while ago. I do not want, I'll come over here. 
Baron What are you doing?
Elfy What? It did come in also in flirt? I am busy. Go to over there!
Baron It's wrong. Because elves are coming to the unusual town....
Elfy I came to town in the shopping of the Dragon King God Festival.
Baron The Dragon King God Festival? Are you the Dragon Kung god of acquaintance?
Elfy I am served the Dragon King God...
Baron Wow! It's a great!
Elfy By the way, you are?
Baron I am Kerocha of frog baron... Everyone is called the Baron.
Elfy Sure, I feel it's Baron.
Baron Are shopping is over already? 
Elfy It is hard with many luggage. Help me with luggage!
Baron It's OK....
Elfy Please bring my luggage from the bottom of the stairs.
Baron Oh! my god! There's so many... There are about 20 pieces...
Elfy And come with me, I'll go to the next.
Baron ......(--;